Command Line Interface

The Limedocs CLI expose several commands to help you managing your site



Build site from <site-dir>.

$ limedocs build <site-dir>
$ limedocs build --help # more help


Print config and exit.

$ limedocs config <site-dir>
$ limedocs config --help

create page

Create a new page at a given path using archetypes if present.

$ limedocs create page <path>
$ limedocs create page --help

create site

Create a new site at the given path from a base starter.

$ limedocs create site [site-dir]
$ limedocs create site --help

create theme

Create a new theme at the given path from a base skelton.

$ limedocs create theme <theme-dir>
$ limedocs create theme --help


Watch continuoulsy, build, serve and live-reload the documentation in your browser. This command is also aliased to live. Use it for development purpose only.

$ limedocs dev <site-dir>
$ limedocs dev --help


Serve your website in a production or staging purpose. This will setup a express server with configurable caching behaviour.

$ limedocs serve <site-dir>
$ limedocs serve --help

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